10 Best Camera Brands of 2018 to Start your Professional Journey

There used to be a time when photography was a pastime of the wealthy. That’s because photography would need film rolls and expensive cameras which couldn’t be afforded by everyone. The advent of digital technology changed all of that by providing cheaper photography options to everyone.

Moreover, digital cameras allow people to take unlimited photo shots, unlike film cameras where a roll would only allow 36 pictures.

The rise of digital technology in cameras has also spawned a revolution in amateur photography. With popular camera brand names becoming cheaper, a lot of young people have been taking up photography as a hobby.

Some have even managed to turn it into a successful profession. The growth of platforms like Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram has provided even amateur photographers with a widespread global audience for showcasing their work.

Buying your first camera, however, can be a challenge. The one question that boggles everyone is: whats the best camera brand in the market?

But don’t worry. We did extensive research just to help you answer this question.

Here’s a list of the top 10 camera brands to choose from:

#10 Casio

Originally famous for making excellent watches and calculators, this Japan-based company also makes some great digital cameras. Most of the photography range produced by Casio are point-and-shoot cameras. Therefore, if you’re looking for a DSLR you’re better off skipping Casio which is why it features at number 10 on our list.

However, as far as point-and-shoot digital cameras go, the ones made by Casio fare really well especially for tourists and amateur users. Their EXILIM series, in particular, makes some really snazzy shots and the price range too is fairly reasonable for the quality that you get.

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