10 Best Full-Frame DSLR Cameras

Making the jump to full-frame photography can be frightening. It often requires that you purchase a few new lenses, get used to a different crop factor, and improve your skills in post. But for all that trepidation, the feeling you get in your bones when you take that first picture and see its incredible detail and dynamic range will make your hesitation seem downright silly.

10. Sony a7 Mark II

The Sony a7 Mark II sets the baseline for quality among top-tier mirrorless bodies. It boasts 5-axis image stabilization and hybrid phase detection autofocus, but its videography features and lens selection are a bit behind the times.

  • good dynamic range
  • bionz x processor
  • noisy high iso performance
Weight2.1 pounds
Rating3.6 / 5.0

Sony a7 Mark II

9. Nikon Dƒ

Any shooters longing for the heyday of film photography will adore the traditionalist layout of the Nikon Dƒ. It effectively folds the modern advancements in digital photography into a body with physical dials to control shutter speed, ISO, and more.

  • 16mp cmos sensor
  • 3-inch lcd screen
  • does not shoot video
Weight3.8 pounds
Rating4.1 / 5.0

Nikon Dƒ

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