10 Dream Car Nightmares

Anyone perusing Gear Heads likely has a mental list of flash cars that they are determined to one day own. Some of these may have been on that list for decades, starting as posters on teenage bedroom walls, covers of auto mags, or four-wheeled stars of favorite movies. But the reality of owning some such “dream” cars can be an expensive, frustrating nightmare. Here are 10 to avoid waking up to.


A car boasting Space Age design and gull-wing doors, that none of your neighbors will have, all for as low as $10k? On paper, the Canadian-made Bricklin SV-1, of which fewer than 3,000 were built in 1974-75, is an under-the-radar steal on wheels. But, despite its plastic body, the SV-1’s array of well-intentioned safety features made it too hefty for even a gas-guzzling V8 to move with any pace or panache. A patchwork of parts from diverse sources, the safest thing about the hard-to-maintain Bricklin is actually its typically stationary stance – on a driveway, under a tarp.



Among the world’s most expensive cars upon its 1974 unveiling and with only 645 made, Aston Martin’s Lagonda is one of luxury automaking’s great follies. Costing around $150,000 new (in 1970s dollars), you can now snag a Lagonda for as low as $30k. But unless pure novelty value is a priority, these angular exotics are still a rip. Topped only by the similarly ill-conceived Maserati Quattroporte III for four-door awkwardness, the Lagonda appears good only for wedging open giant doors. Brave but failure-prone computer-driven electronics and borderline mythological spare parts make the Lagonda, in Jalopnik’s words, “a turd”.


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