11 Watches from Baselworld You Can Actually Afford

Zodiac Olympos

Why it matters: One of the show’s most underrated releases, the Olympos is a reissue of a funky dress watch Zodiac made during the ’60s. The brand did not stray far from the original, keeping the case size relatively small at 37mm. It also packs an automatic movement into its sleek case and comes with a trio of beautiful brushed metallic dials. If you want, you can spend an extra $200 for the limited edition, which features a “mystery dial” giving off the appearance of an hour hand floating in mid-air.
Who It’s For: Anyone who appreciates a left-of-center watch. Given the dressy look of the Olympos, this will probably do well for those who need to master business casual on a regular basis for work.
Key Features:
Price: $795; $995 (“mystery dial” limited edition)

Bulova Oceanographer 666 “Devil Diver”

Why it matters: One of our overall favorites from the show, the Devil Diver represents incredible value for the money. Not just for being a 200-meter dive watch with an automatic movement for under $800, but for also having a totally spot-on vintage design. Little details like the applied retro Bulova logo at 12 o’clock, the light jangly bracelet and the red-and-navy color scheme make this feel as close to the original as you can get (save for the smaller limited edition version, but that costs twice as much).
Who It’s For: Vintage watch enthusiasts and anyone looking for an affordable diver. Either buyer can’t go wrong here.
Key Features: Water resistant to 666 feet (200 meters). 44mm steel case. Accurate recreation of original.
Price: $795

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