12 American Cars People Should Avoid Buying (12 Worth Every Dollar)

Here are 12 American Cars People Should Avoid Buying (12 Worth Every Dollar).

History mentions that Oliver Evans developed and also built the first American car in 1805, according to Automo Story. The first U.S. patent was offered to him in 1789. Evans had an innovative vision, and because of that, his first vehicle was amphibious, traveling on land on four wheels and, on water, with the help of paddlewheels. However, it’s also said that the Duryea automobile should be considered the first American vehicle ever built. It was created by the Duryea Motor Wagon Company and revealed in 1893 in Massachusetts. Frank and Charles Duryea, the founders of the company, developed the Ladies Phaeton open-air car that had four huge slim wheels and an interesting one-cylinder gasoline engine. Despite being family, Frank and Charles didn’t act as brothers. While Frank was the true inventor of the first American vehicle because his brother didn’t have too many bright ideas, Charles was struggling to discredit Frank and take all the credit.

Everything changed in 1902 when the Oldsmobile, Olds Motor Vehicle Company from Detroit, Michigan, came into play with a large-scale production line of 425 cars that were sold at $650 per piece. The Henry Ford Company, becoming the Cadillac Motor Company afterward, appeared in 1901. From 1902-1903, the Ford Motor Company created their first American vehicle, the Model A. 1908 was the year when General Motors was founded by William Durant. In 1909, the newly formed GM thought it was time to grow up, so they bought the Cadillac company. Since then, the American automotive industry has evolved fast, but there were also a few mistakes made.


The new Fiesta ST is quite an amazing car, and its capabilities can be understood only from behind its steering wheel. On the exterior, it seems to be a little European-style hatchback, but in fact, it’s a car that a person can have a lot of fun with on a race track or on a country backroad, according to Business Insider. However, there’s something quite amazing about this hot hatchback: it’s the first fast Fiesta to receive a helical limited-slip differential.

Another innovation from Ford was the engine mounted on this car: a 1.5-liter turbocharged unit with three cylinders and an aluminum block.

The power delivered by this engine can be reduced to 66% by deactivating the middle cylinder. This is a new one! With three selectable driving modes—Track, Sport, and Normal—this tiny beast can offer a great experience for any type of driver. It’s not a big car, it doesn’t have too much power, and it’s not a luxury car, but it doesn’t have a low-quality interior like other cars of its class. It’s a perfect ride for crowded cities and for people who love to have a little sparkle when they need it.

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