12 Cars In Eminem’s Garage You’ll Never Afford (And 3 In Dr. Dre’s)


This is the first vehicle by Ferrari that we will explore on this list, but it will not be the last. That’s because Eminem seems to be quite the fan of Italian engineering: the man actually has three cars by the manufacturer. The Ferrari 575 is another great offering from the company, and it was only in production for a total of four years. That tidbit makes the car a little rarer; in fact, there were only just over 2000 units ever produced (and even rarer: only 177 of those were with manual transmission). This is not a car you will get the chance to see every day.

The 575 has the classic sleek sports car look, with an angular hood designed to maximize fast driving and aerodynamics. The Ferrari 575 also has a 5.7-litre 12-cylinder engine, making it a powerful machine. It can go from 0 to 100 km/hr in just over four seconds, which means it’s a little slower than Eminem’s Aston Martin. However, you really cannot go wrong with a Ferrari: unless you are a professional racer, the speed the difference in the two sports cars may not even be that noticeable. More on Eminem’s Ferraris later!

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