It’s been a long time since vehicles were clapped out junk heaps at 50,000 miles, and every single car or truck sold today should easily see 100,000 miles without issues. Bad news for non-dealer service centers, but great for consumers. Still, some of our readers want a vehicle to last as long as possible. If you are looking for something to last a lifetime, check out our list of the longest lasting vehicles.

FORD F-250

Yup, one of the most popular vehicles sold in the US is also one of the most reliable. Out of all non-commercial vehicles sold in the States, the F-250 is the most likely to hit 200,000 miles, according to automotive analytics company iSeeCars. This is likely due to the 250 being built for serious work, but not usually used to full capacity, making it kinda overbuilt. If you need to haul a boat, this is probably your best choice.


All Subaru vehicles have a reputation for toughness and durability, but the Outback takes the top spot. This is all the more impressive, as Subaru somewhat has a street reputation for cars you can beat on, in rally, autocross, and drag racing. The flat four cylinder engines are notoriously tough, and everything from the suspension to transmission seems to hold up. Consumer Reports likes the Outback, and lists it on their top 10 vehicles most likely to reach 200k.

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