20 Boring Cars That Are Actually Speed Demons

Here are 20 times automakers tried to spice up their mild models with varying degrees of success.

Whenever gearheads discuss modern cars, it’s only a matter of time before someone brings up the idea that there are fewer new models that cater to ‘real’ drivers. However, that sentiment is debatable, given how record breaking cars like the Dodge Challenger Demon and Bugatti Chiron entered production recently, and cheap sports cars like the Mazda Miata and Toyota 86 are easy to come by. But for the mainstream market, consumers have decided that crossovers are new way to travel. With few exceptions, this booming segment doesn’t produce exciting vehicles. That said, many forget that most classic cars provided boring and far less refined driving experiences when they were new.

However, automakers occasionally try to inject some exciting driving characteristics into otherwise bland models. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to attract performance-seeking consumers away from established sports and muscle cars, especially since these known performance models tend to have far more attractive styling. Similarly, the average consumer is more likely to prefer the cheaper, more efficient, and smoother riding standard version of the car. Consequently, these special performance trims can be difficult to find, both new and used. That said, sometimes these models aren’t popular because they’re not very good, usually due to how poorly designed the base model is. Even though these sport trim cars may not stand out, they tend to be rarer than the more popular and well-known competition. Here are 20 times automakers tried to spice up their mild models with varying degrees of success.


As much as Buick wants to be seen as a new and trendy mid-tier luxury automaker, there are few who view the brand as such. However, there was a time when one could enter a Buick dealership and drive away with a new vehicle that could run with the best muscle cars.

In an attempt bring back the past, the company offered the GS trim on the fourth-generation Regal, giving the mid-size sedan a supercharged 3.8-liter V6 under the hood, producing 40 more horsepower than the standard model.

Given the model’s bland styling, it’s no surprise that few are aware of its supercharged power.

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