10 Things Your Smartwatch Should Be Able To Do

So there is a treasure trove of Apple Watch reviews making the rounds right about now. While reading them, you can’t get away from the idea that quite a few are still unconvinced that the smartwatch is worth investing in. And that’s probably because the smartwatch hasn’t really been able to convince the masses that it is doing something a regular smartphone can’t do.

Instead of saying what everyone else is saying, we’re taking the opportunity in this post, to take a step back, and take a stab at defining what the smartwatch is meant to do.

Yes, we’re going to figure out the smartwatch.

Figuring out the smartwatch

In order to do that, we need to first look at the way we use desktop and mobile devices. To oversimplify things, you create on the desktop but consume on the tablet and smartphone: you don’t build websites or write novels on your smartphone, no matter how good the technology is; technically, you can – but it just isn’t really the ideal setting to do so.

You can do more, intuitively, quickly and more easily on the desktop than on your smaller screen smartphone. When it comes to the smartphone, it is much lighter than any laptop, it fits right in your pocket, and it can go where you go – making it perfect for friends and family to reach you either over the phone or via the Web.

With this in mind, all we need to do is figure out what advantage the smartwatch has over smartphones and desktops.

Here’s a quick list of advantages and disadvantages:


  • Mobility: It is on your wrist, it moves with you.
  • Always on you: Strap it on and it becomes a part of you – you don’t even need pockets for it.
  • Connectivity: You tell time with a watch, you stay connected with a smartwatch.
  • Control center: You have a freaking computer your wrist, it is meant to compute something.
  • Focus on the data: It no longer matters how my email looks, what matters is what the email is about.


  • Small screen: Squinting to read emails isn’t a good look, geek or no geek.
  • Battery life: Less space; smaller battery; less power.

The Smartwatch you deserve

So now that we are on the same page, let’s look at a feature wishlist for a smartwatch we all deserve. Ideally, the smartwatch should be able to:

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