25 Car Facts About Joey From Friends That Fans Should Know

Compiled below are some facts people should know about Top Gear’s latest frontman, and “Friends” legend Joey Tribbiani AKA Matt Leblanc.

Actor and Comedian Matt LeBlanc may be best known for playing loveable doofus Joey Tribbiani on the popular sitcom Friends. These days though, he’s better known for burning rubber across the pond as the host of Top Gear. Joining the British show back in 2016, LeBlanc has fit in seamlessly alongside fellow presenters Chris Harris and Rory Reid.

Since coming aboard the Top Gear crew, LeBlanc has made some noteworthy contributions. According to the Irish Examiner, LeBlanc helped make the world’s fastest tractor on the show, which won a Guinness World Record. “As the proud owner of no less than four tractors, you could say I’m a bit of an enthusiast,” LeBlanc admitted, whose interest in cars, motorcycles and more goes back years. His interest in all things automobiles is evident in every episode. It’s easy to see why the BBC chose LeBlanc to be the face of Top Gear.

Though there’s a lot more to Matt LeBlanc than what’s on the surface. For an actor who’s 50-years-old, his career has taken some interesting turns (and U-turns). Compiled below are some facts people should know about Top Gear’s latest frontman. There are even some laughs along the way. Appropriate considering LeBlanc once said, “I believe that laughter is the best emotional Band-Aid in the world.”


Before LeBlanc had a full-time job as a host on Top Gear, he appeared as a guest back in 2012. As per the YouTubeclip, LeBlanc went for a spin on the track and managed to impress with his time. Even if the actual speed test was a little boring, LeBlanc gave some advice: “Just don’t use the brake as much.”

As his loop around the track progressed, so did his speed. According to Life Death Prizes, LeBlanc’s time was the fastest lap yet on the show, beating out the previous holder Rowan Atkinson

It certainly left an impression on the Top Gear producers when LeBlanc pulled this off.

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