5 Race Cars Only Masters Can Handle (15 That Are Perfect For Newbies)

Auto racing is a huge deal, at least in a car enthusiast’s world. Over the years, various types of races have emerged and kind of created a world of their own, including sports cars and their evolution.

Before we dive in, let’s actually describe what a sports car is. One of the very first things you notice is that they look dashing. Part of that comes from them having low ground-clearance, which in other words, means being low to the ground. And there’s a good reason for that. When the car is kind of near the ground, its center of gravity—which is essentially an imaginary location of concentrated body weight—is low, near the ground. And that’s a good thing, because when you turn your car at high speeds, you don’t want it to be flipping over because the center of gravity was like that of a semi.

And that brings me to the second point: performance. Sports cars are meant to perform like college students on steroids. To that end, the engines are big and powerful, and because of that, these cars are quite fast. Sports cars also have good handling, tight grip and an awesome ride.

Of course, within the category of sports cars, there are various distinct cars. Some are basic sports cars, but others a little more advanced. So let’s check out some race cars for novices and some for masters.


While you might be amped about the GR Supra Racing Concept car that was released a few months earlier, the Toyota Supra was a household name back in its days, much like the Ford Taurus was during its peak time. You can’t go wrong with any generation. The fourth generation had some good transmission options—a five-speed manual, a six-speed manual and an automatic—along with some good engines too.

The twin-turbo I6 was pretty fabulous. Additionally, the interior of this car is all driver-focused; everything is curved toward the driver’s seat. You definitely can’t go wrong with the Supra.


This car had only one purpose: to make driving much, much more enjoyable for the masses. And that it did folks, it did. This car also introduced the very first VTEC engine ever manufactured by Honda.

In addition, it had disc brakes, better suspension, and pop-up headlights, all of which were just about the coolest things you could have back then.

No matter what trim you get, you’ll get a lightweight car that’s fun to drive and can be taken to the track for learning purposes. Even if you fail, you’ll be in safe hands with the Integra. Should something break, you can go ahead and replace it easily.

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