5 SMEs That Are Winning at Social Media Marketing and What You Can Learn From Them

Social media marketing has become a critical element of any modern business plan. But while there’s much discussion of social media and its effectiveness for outreach and connecting with potential clients, most of those conversations relate to big business and how major corporations have utilized social to best effect. SMEs are given less focus – which is kind of backwards, really, as SMEs form the majority of the business world and are the ones who are most likely to benefit from having social platforms available to build their brand and connect with audiences.

So which SMEs are killing it in social media marketing? And more importantly, how are they doing it.

Here are a few examples:

Easy Lunchboxes

Kelly Lester was looking for a way to make interesting, healthy lunches for her three daughters. In her efforts, she came across Japanese bento style boxes – bento is a single-portion packed meal that’s arranged into compartments in a little box. Lester used this system as the inspiration for her business, Easy Lunchboxes, which makes compartmentalised plastic containers that gave parents more options with the food they can give their kids for school.

Lester’s lunchboxes have become a big business – her container sets are the best-selling lunchboxes on Amazon.com – and yet, most of her success came without spending any money on advertising.

To get the word out, Lester sent samples of her lunchboxes to influential bloggers for reviews and giveaways, generating a heap of posts and links to her site, with dozens of photographs on social media networks. This lead to Lester spending more time utilizing social channels – especially Pinterest – and seeking out influential communities and users to help expand her brand message.

Conducting most of the social media work herself, Lester now has a Pinterest following of more than 77k users, as well as close to 200k Page likes on Facebook. Using her own initiative, and researching where her audience was interacting, and how to reach them, Lester’s been able to use social media to maximum effect.

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