7 Every Day Cars Too Fast For Cops To Catch

These are cars that don’t look the part, but definitely serve the purpose.

There are plenty of supercars on the market currently. They get all the fame, all the press, whether on HotCars itself or elsewhere… And they should. It takes a lot of thinking, a lot of planning and often a good amount of courage to build something that’s outrageous, addicting and awesome.

But that doesn’t mean your daily drivers can’t have a similar press coverage. Take Mazda, for instance. This car manufacturer is looked upon favorably in the automotive world because it produces awesome cars. Like the little Miata, for example. It looks good, is a convertible and most importantly, drives exceptionally well. And on the other end of the weight spectrum, you have cars like the Mazda CX-5, Mazda CX-9, etc., which look and drive quite charmingly, too. Even in the middle of the spectrum, Mazda does more than a fine job of making sure its cars satisfy the public as much as possible, meaning practicality is married to enjoyability. And that’s just one car manufacturer, although it’s one of the most successful in terms of satisfying a car aficionado. You still have some lineups from Nissan, some from VW, some from Honda and the like.

So, these are the types of automakers that were considered when the list was made. Quite frequently, you’ll find a sleeper car, because at the end of the day, it’s a car that doesn’t look the part, but definitely does the part. Other times you’ll find cars that are a daily driver, but not necessarily quiet.

Let’s go!


The Subaru Legacy had been living the car life for a long while. In 2003, the lineup entered the era of its fourth generation. The car you see here, however, isn’t just any other fourth-gen Legacy. Nah, it’s the spec.B Legacy. And despite the fooling, unassuming exterior, the car actually had the ability to churn out a whopping 250 HP, meaning that the 60-mph mark was reached in just an astonishing 5.3 seconds. Just to give you some perspective, that’s the same time as of the Audi S4.

The car was rare, too. For instance, only 500 were made in 2006.

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