Avoid These 14 Prelaunch Mobile App Marketing Pitfalls

For an app developer or a development team, the biggest moment in their life is to launch the app once all the development task is completed. Do you know that there were only 500 apps in the Apple Store when it all started in 2009? Trust me, you will be surprised by the numbers today in Apple Store and Google Play Store.

So let’s keep it simple – It would have been just a walk in the park a few years back when there were only just hundreds to compete with. Things have drastically changed today and it is no more a joke to grab the top position in the app list. The main reason for this is that with millions of apps out in the market only a few succeed to attract the visitors.

So, all you have to do is to make your pre-launch successful by avoiding certain pitfalls and get all the attention before the app hits the market.

1. Failing To Invest in Market Research

You can get some of the valuable insights by researching the important aspects about the category of your app. These insights will help you know what your target audience expects from you. What are the names of other apps? Are they easy to memorize? What are the categories you plan to target? Proper analysis will help you present your target audience with the right app.

To begin with, you can make a list of the important features on the excel sheet about your app as well as from your competitors. You can mention the things like categories, price, device compatibility, and features.

With this analysis, you will get a rough idea about the features you have and what you have missed compared to your competitors.

Another important yet neglected thing is customer reviews. You can get a clear idea about the competitor’s app by getting the good and bad customer reviews. This will help you know what the users like about the app as well as what issues they face while using it.

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