16 Best Neighborhoods to Retire in Across America

Arizona Phoenix

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12. Paradise Valley — Phoenix, Ariz.

Residents over 65: 14.4 percent
Livability score: 71

Known for its resorts, this suburb of Phoenix is one of the best places to retire for people looking for warm weather and sunny days. Lots of nearby amenities — such as restaurants, museums and outdoor activities — give it a high livability score.

The median household income in Paradise Valley is higher than in Phoenix, but so is the median home price. However, Phoenix is one of the cities where your $100,000 retirement nest egg will stretch the furthest, a GOBankingRates study found.

Michigan Detroit

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11. Palmer Woods — Detroit, Mich.

Residents over 65: 14.4 percent
Livability score: 71

Detroit is one of the cheapest places to retire thanks to its low cost of living. The Palmer Woods neighborhood is especially good for retirees because of its high livability score and percentage of residents older than 65. This historic district in the northwest part of the city near Palmer Park has a high median household income and a stable housing market.

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