Best Webcams of 2018 You Can Buy Under $100

Best Value

Logitech HD C615

Despite costing much less than its C920 counterpart, the Logitech HD C615 offers comparable performance and design without the premium price point.
. However, it lacks some of the premium features, which may make it a deal breaker for more intense users, which is why we made it our value choice. It can record video up to 1080p, but if you are wanting a higher framerate, like 30 frames per second, you’ll need to reduce the resolution to 720p, if not lower. So iIf you know that you’ll be using the C615 for more intensive purposes, like vlogging or livestreaming Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds gameplay, you may want to go with the C920 model, but if you’re using it for more standing activities, like video chatting or running a conference call, this is a great option. You can also use the C615 to take decent-quality still images, up to 8 megapixels. Its mount is tripod compatible, and the webcam itself has tilt and pan abilities, so you can tweak your video field of view to best suit your needs. The autofocus system keeps you as the center of attention, and makes sure that you’re always looking sharp . It also has built-in face tracking, motion detection, and adjustable exposure and white balance, so you can create the best images. It lacks a digital zoom option, however, and has an unusually short USB cable – just 3 three feet long.


  • Maximum video resolution is 1080p – full high-definition.
  • It has lots of features and functions and is affordable.
  • Compact size and a hinged clip makes it travel-friendly.


  • The accompanying USB cord is quite short.
  • It cannot digitally zoom an image.
  • Its frame rate is lowered when recording 1080p video.
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