DIY High-Tech Home Monitoring With a Dash of iPhone Coolness

There is no DVR function built into the app, but you can set up motion sensing and e-mail capabilities so that you can be alerted when someone gets within the camera’s field of view.

I set up a free Yahoo e-mail account to which to send the alarm snapshots. You must enter your e-mail provider’s Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) server information so that the camera can send mail out to you.

The only major problem I encountered was that I was unable to have the camera send an e-mail out despite having the correct SMTP server and port information. I have tried both Google and Yahoo mail with no luck. A search online revealed that many users shared my problem.

Since there is no onboard video recording capability, I downloaded a trial of a Mac surveillance camera monitoring software package called EvoCam. It costs about $30 and is full of features such as the ability to archive camera footage from multiple cameras, motion sensing alarm e-mail and video capture, and a slew of other capabilities.

Since the camera’s built-in SMTP mail setup wasn’t working, I used the EvoCam’s alarm snapshot e-mail feature, which worked out great. The only downside is that your computer must be on with the EvoCam application open in order to perform alert and recording functions.

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