How to Master Shutter Priority Mode on Your DSLR

Setting Shutter Priority Mode

Shutter priority mode usually is marked with an “S” on the mode dial on your DSLR camera. But some cameras, such as Canon models, use Tv to signify shutter priority mode. Turn the mode dial to “S,” and the camera will still work in a primarily automatic mode, but it will base all of the settings off the shutter speed that you select manually. If your camera doesn’t have a physical mode dial, you sometimes can select shutter priority mode through the on-screen menus.

While nearly every DSLR camera has a shutter priority mode available, it’s becoming more common on fixed lens cameras, too. So be sure to look through your camera’s on-screen menus for this option.

A fast shutter speed might be 1/500th of a second, which will appear as 1/500 or 500 on the screen of your DSLR camera. A typical slow shutter speed might be 1/60th of a second.

To set the shutter speed in shutter priority mode, you usually will use the directional buttons on the camera’s four-way button, or you may be able to use a command dial. In shutter priority mode, the shutter speed setting usually will be listed in green on the camera’s LCD screen, while the other current settings will be in white. As you change the shutter speed, it may change to red if the camera cannot create a usable exposure at the shutter speed you’ve selected, meaning you may need to adjust the EV setting or increase the ISO setting before you can use the selected shutter speed.

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