List of Groovy, Righteous & Far Out Cars that defined the 1970s


Lancia isn’t a well-known name in the US, but a certain ‘70s car from them outweighs their entire brand equity. The Stratos is most familiar to rally fans and automotive gamers, as it featured heavily in games like the Gran Turismo series.

Thi tiny little wedge was designed from the ground up as a pure rally car, the first of its kind. A Ferrari Dino 2.4 liter V6 sits midship and drives the rear wheels. The chassis is basically a safety cage with fiberglass panels bolted on, so it is safe and light. While it never sold in volume, the Stratos is a mid-‘70s legend.


Twenty-three-and-a-half feet long, and nearly 7 feet wide, the Brougham was the classiest thing you could buy in the 1970s. And by classy, I mean big.

There was a time when luxury meant acres of sheet-metal, and the industry was slow to respond to higher fuel prices, which is why this mammoth car was still on sale up through 1976. Performance came in the form of a 500 cu in Caddy V8, and a 3-speed auto. MPG was dismal, as you might expect in a carbureted 4,500 lb sedan. Still, the downsized version would hit the streets in 1977 and carry Caddy through to the ‘80s.

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