Ask someone on the street to name the first sneaker brands that come to mind and they’ll start somewhere around Adidas and end near Nike. These brands, while classic and iconic, can often […]

Setting your sights on a nice watch can land you in pricey, and sometimes confusing, waters. As price tags head north, value becomes that much harder to pin down. $5,000 is a common […]

In the past 20 years or so, watches have gotten big. Really big. Some attribute the rise of the oversized watch to Sylvester Stallone and the revival of Panerai in the ’90s, but big luxury brands […]

The pursuit of creating ultra-thin watches is decades old, but it seems as though the effort to produce impossibly slim watches has been heating up in recent years. Audemars Piguet, for example, debuted a […]

Any time you buy a watch, you want every dollar of your purchase to carry the weight of both tradition and innovation while also being a point of pride on your wrist. But […]

It’s tempting to consider Baselworld an accessible rebuttal to SIHH’s display of high-end horology, but that isn’t really true. A $20,000 TAG Heuer chronograph and a $40,000 stainless steel Patek Philippe made our Best of Baselworld list […]