Record Your Unforgettable Adventures with these Top 8 Action Cameras

In the current generation when “YOLO” is seemingly the happiest way to live, action cameras have been put in the mainstream. From action cameras for cars to action cameras for diving, the teens and youngsters of today are very much into taking captures of their best and fun moments through photos and videos. Which is why we did a search on the best action cameras to help you decide what device to get in case you’re interested to buy your first or new action camera before the year ends.

SJCAM M20 WIFI 16MP Sony IMX206 Action Camera

Best low cost action camera for beginners suitable for cars


Best low-cost action camera for beginners – also suitable for cars

For beginners, we recommend the SJCAM M20 WIFI 16MP Sony IMX206 Gyro Stabilization Action Camera for its low cost but overwhelming specs. For one, it sells less than 5000 pesos. Who would have thought you can get a camera that cheap but boosting with useful features?

SJCAM M20 Action Camera has a built-in gyro with excellent anti-shake ability. So there’s no need worrying about shaky videos and blurry photos! Because of its gyro stabilization technology, it is best used as an action camera for car. It could sustain road bumps and rocky surfaces with minimal to no effects on the quality of your footage.

It also comes with a car mode, which allows the camera to turn on automatically when the engine starts and turns off when the vehicle shuts off. It doesn’t have a GPS, though. So you have to get a separate device for your GPS needs.

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