Review of Logitech 700n Indoor Security Camera

Camera Monitoring Software

The camera is controlled and set up via Logitech’s Alert Commander software which is bundled with the system and is also available from the Mac App Store as a free download. The software allows for live viewing of up to six cameras at once, which is also the maximum number of cameras supported by the alert system. Setup involved plugging the camera in, waiting for the software to detect it, and following the onscreen instructions. A free mobile app for iPhone and Android is available as well for viewing the camera feed(s) from your smartphone.

In addition to watching the live camera feeds, the Alert Commander software allows for playback of recorded video via a timeline-based user interface. The user just scrolls to a time of day they are interested in and presses play to see video from that time (assuming the camera was motion triggered during that period). If no clip is available the software moves to the closest available time where video is present. One of the more professional-grade features of the software was that the DVR playback allows for synchronized viewing from multiple cameras, at one time.

While the computer-based DVR feature is great, the Logitech Alert cameras also feature an SD Card-based ​on-board DVR built into the camera for recording video even if the network connection is lost. Once the network connection is reestablished, the footage from the SD card is automatically saved back to the computer-based DVR. The included 2GB SD card can be replaced with a card of a higher storage capacity (up to 32 GB) if desired.

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