Review of Logitech 700n Indoor Security Camera


  • High resolution (720p) recording with excellent color accuracy
  • On-board SD-card DVR
  • Flexible mounting options with behind the glass forward-facing suction mount
  • Excellent user interface for viewing security recordings


  • No 24/7 continuous recording option (motion trigger recording only)
  • System has limited expandability (limited to 6 cameras total)

Of the 5 or 6 IP cameras I’ve tested, the Logitech was by far the easiest to install and use. The timeline-based DVR makes reviewing footage a breeze. Most other cameras that I have tested required going to the footage files in the directory where the footage was kept, and playing back each file manually in a media viewer. This was much more tedious than just using the timeline viewer in the Logitech Software. If you’re a home user or a small business looking for an entry to mid-level security camera system, then you should definitely consider the Logitech Alert system.

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