Sony Digital Cameras in 2018 – Best Digital Camera Brands for Travelers

We are truly living in the digital world and therefore when it comes to capturing those memorable events and occasions, digital cameras are becoming the most preferred option. Gone are the days when we had to change films each time the number of exposures had reached a certain limit.

Apart from this, there are obviously some other reasons as to why digital cameras are preferred over conventional cameras. Films can be deleted if they are not up to the market which cannot be done in a conventional camera.

Additionally, digital cameras can be useful when it comes to taking moving pictures and finally development is not required as is the case with conventional cameras. Hence it is not surprising that digital cameras have replaced conventional cameras.

Best Sony Digital Cameras

The market is filled with scores of makes and models of digital marketers, and this could often make a choice quite confusing. However, if you look around, there are reasons to believe that Sony digital camera is considered to be one of the best.

Hence, we will be looking at ten such cameras from the house of Sony. It will help customers to have a good idea about the various models of digital cameras emanating from the stables of Sony.

10. Sony All Black Digital Camera (DSCW800/B 20.1 MP)


This is a sleek-looking and high performing digital camera from the house of Sony. It has very interesting and customer-friendly features and functions. The casing is made from high-quality materials which are corrosion and rust proof. It has one of the best zoom lenses, and there are other important and significant features too which are worth mention.

Let us look at a few of them. It has the best quality MP Super HAD CCD sensor. This help in capturing detailed images with the best of resolution. It also comes with blink detection feature.

  • The Sony Lens with optical zoom and 360 sweep panorama is quite unique.
  • It also ensures steady shot image stabilization with minimal blurring.
  • It also allows capturing video in 720p video mode.
  • The Super HAD CCD 20.1 MP sensor as mentioned above is a big takeaway.
  • There are some issues as far as low light performance is concerned.
  • The shutter speed might prevent rapid clicking of subjects such as birds in flight.
  • It lacks optical view finder.


When one takes into account the various features, functions, and feedbacks from customers, there are reasons to believe that it is a value-for-money digital camera with some amazing functions and features.

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