The 10 Best Waterproof Camera Bags

If you’re worried about your camera gear getting wet in a sudden downpour, one of the bags on our list might be just the thing to protect it. Many of these offer water-resistant coverings that keep out light precipitation or moisture, but a few employ more intense methods of protection, like treated fabrics and secondary waterproof covers.

10. Neewer Professional Sling

If all you need to carry with you is a single body and a couple of lenses, the Neewer Professional Sling should suffice. Its diagonal main strap allows you to toss the pack around your torso and instantly access your gear through the side pocket.

  • bright colored lining
  • includes a polyester rain cover
  • puts all the weight on one shoulder
Weight1.4 pounds
Rating3.6 / 5.0

Neewer Professional Sling

9. Beaspire Travel Standard

The Beaspire Travel Standard may be a not-so-subtle knockoff of a popular LowePro design, but it’s also an effective option with a slew of features that were left out of its more expensive inspiration. Its high-density nylon is naturally water-resistant.

  • gear compartment comes out easily
  • available in four colors
  • hip straps have no padding
Weight2.9 pounds
Rating3.8 / 5.0

Beaspire Travel Standard

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