The 20 Biggest Kingpins And The Sick Cars They Drive


Pablo Escobar is a man who doesn’t really need an introduction. He overcame poverty as a child and went on to become one of the richest men in the world. He was also one of the most feared men on the planet, as he amassed his fortune through the creation of a massive narcotics smuggling network. Like most other kingpins, Pablo had a taste for the finer things in life, and one doesn’t have to look any further than Hacienda Napoles where he spent his glory years. A full-fledged zoo featuring exotic animals from all over the world, statues, swimming pools, and a bullring are just a few of the luxuries that Escobar spent his billions on. Let’s not forget about the huge collection of cars that he had on display, including this 1930 Cadillac. True, this car has seen better days since Hacienda Napoles was abandoned, and his collection was left to rot, but it was once a pretty dope automobile. Pablo allegedly purchased the classic because it was very similar to the car that Al Capone once drove in. A car like that in good condition could fetch over a quarter of a million dollars these days.

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