The 8 Best Marketing Automation Software That Delivers Results

1. HubSpot

Have you been using HubSpot?

Before I explain why you should use or ignore it, here’s a quick overview of something important:

In this competitive digital age, you need to automate your business.

According to Aberdeen Group, “Companies who use marketing automation convert 53% more leads to qualified leads, and report revenue growth 3.1% higher than non-users.”


Inbound marketing is one of the easiest way to grow your business. If you’re yet to take advantage of it, start today.

However, there are challenges, too. One of such is determining the right software that puts inbound marketing that works.

I love inbound marketing because it’s based on permission marketing. In other words, you’re not interrupting your target audience with annoying offers. But rather, you’re delivering enormous value which they can’t resist.


Inbound marketing (e.g., blogging, SEO) revolves around customer service and creating a great experience for users.

On the other hand, outbound marketing (e.g., cold calling, cold emails) puts more emphasis on the marketer and what he can get from the target audience.

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