The Most Stunning Ski Slopes in Pamporovo

Pamporovo is one of the biggest ski resorts in Bulgaria and the closest to the city of Plovdiv. If you are going to visit it for the first time, be prepared by reading our guide to its best slopes.

Pamporovo slopes overview

Almost all ski slopes in Pamporovo start from the beautiful Snezhanka Peak (translated as Snow White Peak). The ski resort has 10 ski slopes for beginners (blue), including four for absolute beginners (green), four slopes of intermediate level (red), and three advanced (black) runs. Pamporovo has recently integrated the slopes of the smaller Chepelare ski resort into its own and has thus created a larger ski zone with more skiing options.

The two ski areas are connected by a free shuttle bus. While the ski slopes of Bansko offer more views to rocky, rough mountain ridges, the Rhodope Mountains where Pamporovo is nestled, are famed for their curvy, soft-shaped highlands and pine trees dominating the scenery.

Malina (red and black)

This slope is perfect for those skiers who are passing from intermediate to advanced level as it offers some challenging areas in its middle, while most of it is doable for all with medium-level skills.

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