Top 10 famous brands of digital cameras

The different brands of digital cameras or the old film roll ones have one thing in common – they create memories. Remember the famous picture of ‘Afghan Girl’ by Steve McCurry? It wouldn’t have reached out to us if it wasn’t for the camera. Since its inception, the camera has gradually gained in significance in our lives. In today’s Facebook generation, photographs and taking pictures are a daily activity even for amateurs. However, with photography having evolved into a serious profession; camera has not only grown in worth but also in features and technology it comes with. In fact with the growing market and the ever shrinking world, a large number of brands have come up with a whole world of cameras, or digital cameras to be precise. Here is a list of top 10 famous digital camera brands from over the world which is not so surprisingly typically made up of Japanese players.


10. Kodak:

Founded by George Eastman in 1889, Kodak was known and recognized for its photographic films. It held such an influential position in the market formerly that the phrase ‘Kodak Moment’ became synonymous with photography. However due to its slow transition to the digital era, it failed to sustain and today it is ranked tenth in the list of famous camera brands. Owing to several failed attempts to resurrect its foothold in the industry, Kodak finally had to phase out the production of digital cameras.

Top 10 famous brands of digital cameras

9. Philips:

Founded by Gerard Philips and his father in 1891, Philips is a well known Dutch Electronics Brand. Owing to its long standing reputation of a bankable brand their lines of cameras too enjoy the same level of reliance in the market. Philips PT44434, Philips ESP-2, Philips ESP-60 and Philips ESP-80 are among its known models.

Top 10 famous brands of digital cameras

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