Top 10 famous brands of digital cameras


8. Pentax:

Best known for the “Asahi Pentax” single-lens reflex camera of 1957, Pentax was a trusted name for cameras. Though today it faces stiff competition from Sony, Canon and Nikon, Pentax has started manufacturing DSLRs to recapture the lost territory. To achieve this they have partnered with Samsung Techwin to share and work on Camera Technologies.

Top 10 famous brands of digital cameras


7. Samsung:

The South Korean behemoth in all things electronics is also a famous name among leading brands of digital cameras. Being a dependable name, the Samsung cameras enjoy the credibility built up by the company over the years. Its range of digital cameras is gaining in acceptability and the innovation into it is widely incorporated into mobile phones cameras as well.

Top 10 famous brands of digital cameras

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