Top 10 Ways to Extend Your Digital Camera’s Battery Life

  • Don t push the shutter button half-way down until you re ready to shoot. Pushing the shutter button (constantly resetting and refocusing) will drain battery life.
  • Use the flash only when necessary. Your product s  auto flash  option should take care of this, but make sure your flash isn t going off in broad daylight.
  • Don t delete pictures from your device unless necessary. This consumes power. Wait until you download the pictures to your computer before deleting.
  • This one s basic, but charge your battery often. Lithium ion batteries, which most image capturing devices use, don t have  battery memory  like older alkalines. In fact, lithium ions work better and last longer if charged completely and regularly.

Following these Top Ten steps will help maximize your compact digital camera s battery life. On a final note, when shooting in cold temperatures, keep your device warm between your body and coat. Battery life drops drastically in cold weather. And when you store your image capturing device for a week or longer, take the battery out to avoid trickle discharge.

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