Top 12 Most Expensive American Cars

After throwing in a few options to our most expensive American cars list, the Model S P100D from Tesla can rack up to $140,000. Running through the accessories menu will see the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 hit $100,000. Also, the new GT might be doing $400,000 and above. To cut the story short, the three lovable specimens will cost you a fortune, but that’s all irrelevant when you compare their prices to the most desired American cars.

Counting from 2004, the best 12 had a $4 million minimum price tag which only continued to go upwards. When going through the legendary cars’ list, American symbolism of automotive capability, 1930 super-luxury vehicles, and also the Batmobile original, the worth of these American classics makes more sense. In the list of the most pricey cars ever auctioned is the Ferrari, but what is the current state of American cars?

Thanks to Autoblog, we can now have a glance at some of the most expensive auctioned American cars with our latest champion being added on to the list. Our list starts from the pricey to the priciest of them all. Many thanks go to the auctioneers for providing the background details on their stunning garages.

1966 AAR Gurney Weslake Eagle

One of the only four to be built and the seven-time winner of world champion races, the AAR Gurney meant the whole world to a bidder who saw fit to part with $3.74 million in 2013. It is considered to be the most ravishing Formula 1 machine by many, and we have no doubt about that. It features a V12 engine and 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes.

1967 Chevrolet Corvette L88

The ’67 Chevrolet Corvette L88 only saw 20 models come to fruition with only one of them wearing the red paint. The Barrett-Jackson witnessed the sale of this model at $3.85 million (inclusive of buyer’s commission) back in 2014. Stated to only have 430 horsepower by GM, dyno-testing by Barrett-Jackson saw some L88 models do 560 in horsepower. Built to race, purists would be best fit for this car. The package didn’t offer a heater nor a radio.

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