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While many claim the wristwatch is a thing of the past, the up-to-date man on the move begs to differ.

Offering superior battery life, durability, and improved smart features, the modern digital watch is fast shaping up to be the accessory of the future, rather than a novelty of a bygone era.

With many models boasting GPS and Bluetooth components, LCD screens and no-push buttons, water and weather resistant shields, as well as newly refined styles, the digital watch of today leaves little to be desired. Indeed, there is a digital watch for every lifestyle and look, from the outdoor enthusiast to the corporate professional, with an equally inclusive budget range.

Dressed up for a business lunch or paired down for a hike in the mountains, the digital watch wears as well as it performs. Resilient in the gym and eye-catching in the club, your digital watch lets the world know that when it comes to your precious time, you don’t play games.

Style trends and personal necessities may come and go with time, but the timepiece itself is an ever-evolving facet of a man’s look and lifestyle. If you eschew relying solely on your phone to tell the time, but are equally hesitant to resurrect your father’s wristwatch, then these top 40 best digital watches for men are a much-welcome alternative. And with nouveau designs that leave the dated nerd gadget in the dust, you can be sure you’ll move in style no matter the hour.

Apple Series 3 38mm Digital Watch

Apple Series 3 38mm Digital Watch For Men

With a handsome, black-lit face, clear, bold colors, and a smooth gray sports band, the Apple Watch Series 3 is perfect for the man of action. Waterproof for up to 50 meters of water and designed with a heart rate sensor, altimeter, and built-in GPS, this watch is ready to range from the mountains to the open seas, perfect for the man who is always willing to go where the road may take him.

Armitron Adventure Ad1013org Chronograph Digital Watch

Armitron Adventure Ad1013org Chronograph Digital Watch For Men

For the man who’s always out on the water—or even just for the man who always wishes he was—the Armitron Adventure Men’s Digital Chronograph is water resistant for depths up to 100 meters, built of durable resin with a sturdy quartz movement, and boasts a smooth, utilitarian look for the time, date, and temperature display. The name certainly doesn’t lie—this is a timepiece that is always ready for the next adventure.

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