What skills make for a well-rounded project manager?

However, aspiring project managers need to consider their certification – any certification – as only part of the greater whole which provides an experienced and well-rounded project manager.

There are many skills that can be developed through experience – involving both success and failure – which can be fine-tuned through further training and contribute to you becoming a more well-rounded professional:

  • People Management
    I liken the role of a project manager to a conductor of an orchestra: you need to make sure that people start at the same time, pause to take breath at key stages and end together. There are times when a soloist needs to take centre stage. However, if the conductor were to take centre stage all the time, it could result in the orchestra not hitting the right notes at the right crucial times and, as a result, missing out on achieving a standing ovation at the end.
  • Task Management
    The project manager needs to be able to assess when to take a step back to enable the project to move forward naturally or when to put pressure on at critical times throughout delivery. If the project manager is continually driving people unnecessarily, this could lead to fatigue in delivery. It’s better to keep that extra motivational push for those moments when it’s required.
  • Business Change
    You can implement the shiniest, most up-to-date technology but the potential benefits for individuals and the organization may as well stay on the shelf boxed-up if you can’t win people’s hearts and minds for changing the way they work.
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